Customer Support and Donor Care

Do you strive to build warm, friendly, and empathetic relationships with your supporters?

Would you like to provide world-class customer care for your customers and donors?

Would you like to know exactly how to turn any interaction into a trust-building point?

Are you interested to know how to do all this even when you have a small team – or even when it’s just you?

If yes, I would love to help you!

If we work together, my promise to you is:

A system of principles, frameworks, and actual guidelines in place to ensure that every interaction (even a seemingly negative one!) with your supporters builds trust. These principles work with any tech tool you might choose to use and are applicable to any media: email, phone, in-person meetings, etc.

You won’t lose time trying to figure out what works in what scenario.

You will feel confident in your and your team’s ability to handle any question or request.

You won’t lose customers or donors unnecessarily.

Not only will you retain customers and donors but know exactly how to listen to them deeply and to delight them, how to raise your industry standards!

You won’t need to hire a full-time customer support or customer success expert!

You will receive unlimited consultations from me afterwards – please do get in touch with ANY questions!

Who are my services for?

You strive to provide excellent care for your supporters and would love to know how  award-winning companies do that (yes, those skills and approaches ARE transferable!).

You’re all about integrity and honesty: if you’ve made a mistake, your principle is to apologise and truly own it.

Instead of inventing new processes and “figuring it out” slowly, you are interested and even excited to learn from others.

You also want to have a reliable companion on this journey who you would feel comfortable with and could ask for advice literally any time!

Who are my services not for?

You have practices that you trust – and maybe they’re even working for you! You and your staff feel confident in your ability to provide excellent service and know how to address difficult emails and complaints. You have strong principles and time-tested processes in place.

How exactly can I help?

Depending on your needs, I can help you in the following ways:

Initial consultation (audio or video call — free!)
Tell me about your business, what you’re looking for, the problems you aim to solve. I want to be sure that I can indeed help you here! If can’t create a lot of value for you, then it’s not a good match.

Live training (online or on-site)
A 3-hour training session for you and/or your staff.
We’ll talk about empathy and deep listening, integrity, managing expectations, and how to apply all of this in actual interactions with customers and donors.
This is a workshop: we’ll go through examples, work together, apply the principles discussed.
Do you know how to turn a complaint into a positive experience?
I will show you.

Bonus: you get unlimited consultations with me afterwards! Shoot me an email at any time, really!

Let me tell you more about this training!

Response templates
I’ll sit down with you and/or your team to discuss the scenarios that you think you would need help with or scenarios you’d simply like to have response templates for. Depending on your needs, I will draft those (easily adjustable) responses for you and design a FAQ list with you if you’d like to!

Complaint management
I’ll sit down with you and or/your team and design a full complaint management process for you: from how your customers get in touch with you, who exactly deals with complaints and how, to how the whole communication flows.
I’ll include complaint response templates for you, too!

My experience

I’m very lucky to have worked with technology companies that provide world-class customer care.

Interestingly, their practices can be distilled to simple and clear principles from which uncomplicated structures stem.

One of my most recent workplaces was GoCardless, one of the UK’s most promising financial technology companies.

Here, due to my empathy, deep listening, and great communication skills, I was quickly promoted to managing official complaints.

Complaints related to financial services are no joke, let me tell you. And a great soil for learning!

I also greatly enjoy teaching and training. I was in fact onboarding new team members (intense six-week trainings) at GoCardless, too, and have onboarded clients and given various trainings in my previous roles.

Invest in relationship management: whatever happens to other areas of your business, knowing how to empathetically connect to your supporters will always ALWAYS be valuable.

So do it now – schedule a free consultation, let’s talk!

Send me an email to and I’ll take it from there.


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