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What’s happening around the world?

  • Can we notice and speak out against different forms of oppression?
  • Have we learned to talk about our painful history and name exactly what happened?
  • What’s the human behind the political, and how do we move forward?
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“Now that I have seen, I am responsible.”

This is what a tiny graffiti on the West Bank apartheid wall said.

I think it’s true.

So what are we responsible for? How do we decolonise our minds and see that we have a role to play in fighting oppression?

We start with awareness — and I’m with you on this important journey.

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If We Praise Henry Kissinger, What Do We Have to Negate? The Exploding Head

Henry Kissingers turns 100 years old today, on May 27, 2023. What does it mean? What CAN it mean? We can either say "Happy birthday, good for you," and praise his legacy; or we can call for justice and accountability for the hundreds of thousands of victims of his foreign policy. Which one will you choose? Perhaps my episode can help you decide. I also share a personal story from Laos, which was my introduction to Kissingers' war crimes. Find more resources here:
  1. If We Praise Henry Kissinger, What Do We Have to Negate?
  2. #JusticeForShireen, A Year Later
  3. What Are Political Prisoners And Why Should We Care About Them?
  4. International Women's Day: Flowers Are Great, But What About End of Oppression?
  5. What Good Happened in 2022?

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#JusticeForShireen, A Year Later

Exactly a year ago, Palestinian journalist Shireen Abu Akleh was murdered by an Israeli sniper. What happened in a year in Palestine? And what lenses can help us understand what’s been happening in Palestine for decades, as seen through Shireen’s painful example?

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What Are Political Prisoners And Why Should We Care About Them?

Why can it seem problematic at first sight to even define the concept of ‘political prisoner’? What can help us to do so? And, most importantly, why should we care? In short, we should care about our political prisoners if we care about human rights and our humanity. In my episode, I talk about the broader implication of it, I…

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