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  • Can we notice and speak out against different forms of oppression?
  • Have we learned to talk about our painful history and name exactly what happened?
  • What’s the human behind the political, and how do we move forward?
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“Now that I have seen, I am responsible.”

This is what graffiti on the West Bank separation barrier said, many years ago.

I think it’s true.

So what are we responsible for?

Learn about topics in conflict, militarism, neocolonialism, and others.

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What Good Happened in 2022? The Exploding Head

Every year brings its crises, conflicts, and different forms of oppression, with no region being completely safe from anything terrible that can unfold. But can we notice the good things, too? This is what I do in my episode. To answer this question, I go to Brazil (where I happen to literally be at the moment!), Cuba, and the UK.  I talk about a victory for Palestinian human rights, for all families in Cuba, and god knows how many millions of people in Brazil. — Please find my full article with resources on this episode here:
  1. What Good Happened in 2022?
  2. How Do You Construct Your Own Political Education?
  3. What Do We Talk About When We Talk About Palestine? Part 9: The Children
  4. Iran, Ukraine, And Logical Fallacies
  5. Beware The Façade of Political Representation

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What Good Happened in 2022?

To ask what good happened in any year might sound like a controversial question. Yet we have to train ourselves to notice – and to celebrate – the victories for human rights throughout the world. This is what I do in my episode as look at 2022 and identify what good happened in the UK/Palestine, Cuba, and Brazil!

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Bombs Don’t Liberate

Both mainstream media and state-owned media have their agendas. Can we educate ourselves to notice them or do we continue attributing concepts like “propaganda” to “the other” and words like “liberation” to what our governments are doing?

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How Do You Construct Your Own Political Education?

When it comes to your political education, how do you decide what sources to trust? What are your criteria to choose what you consume and what source to give more importance to? In my episode, I present my own criteria but, more importantly, encourage you to define your own.

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Shireen Abu Akleh: No Justice, Just Impunity

Yet the killing of journalist Shireen Abu Akleh is yet another reminder that Israel operates with complete impunity. As the months are passing, we can see no meaningful external investigation is taking place.

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Is Your Country Slipping Into Authoritarianism?

How does a county fall from the podium of democracy? And is it always a sudden fall? When it’s not something sudden and obvious, like a military coup, but a gradual process, it can be more difficult to spot, point a finger to, and name. So what does it entail?

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