This is Justina – welcome to my website!

Hi all, my name is Justina – welcome to my website!

I am a writer, political commentator, and audio journalist with a very simple passion: people.

How have I fuelled and followed that passion?

I have taken it to various places, studies, conversations, and real-life experiences.

I’ve studied political science, worked with various nonprofits, stepped into the shoes of an educator, explored different roles in tech, even worked as an actress briefly and very much by accident.

I’ve been around: I’ve lived in different places in Europe, the Americas, Southeast Asia, and the Middle East, so you will find me writing about these regions quite often (since they are, after all, rather big regions).

In short, it is from these experiences, inevitably, where my creative projects come!

What can you expect to find on my website?

Those are into two interconnected projects:

And now, the deeper WHY behind them:

Political science holds good answers to important questions.

How does change happen?
What systems and policies can result in more equal, peaceful, and inclusive societies?
How do we get there?

I find it absolutely fascinating. That’s what I’ve studied and what I’m currently working with.

Yet if we look at the individual level – the smallest unit of analysis – suddenly, it requires very different tools. In anything, we definitely need to expand our tool base here: political science alone is not enough.

This is why we need mindfulness.

Befriending ourselves so we can befriend others.
Acknowledging our insecurities instead of trying to exert power over others.
Sitting with our pain instead of getting mobilised against “the others”.

And that’s why we need storytelling: to use its power to talk about – and to remind ourselves of – our shared humanity.

Through my professional experience, in my studies and less academic pursuit of interests, I have been combining these three areas for some time now.

The Exploding Head is a project I run that focuses on politics.

Investigative Selfism is my project on mindfulness, leadership, and personal development.

Interestingly, they are tightly connected: without one set of understanding there wouldn’t be the other one.

I have kept them separate not to confuse my audiences too much, yet you can surely follow both of them!

You can read my personal story here, you can see a summary of my credentials here, and find out more about my work and academic experience on LinkedIn. Please do connect, and don’t hesitate to follow me – and get in touch! – on social media.

Also, thank you so much for stopping by – I hope you find something valuable here.

Justina Poskeviciute