About Me

I am a political commentator with a very simple passion: people.

Following that passion, I’ve explored the topics of conflict and development in academic settings, studied languages in…various settings, worked with organisations in Europe, Southeast Asia, the Middle East, and the Americas, and have made a conscious decision to always keep myself on the path of learning and unlearning.

My areas of expertise include forced migration, Palestine, South American politics, and US foreign policy.

I speak Lithuanian, English, Brazilian Portuguese, and Spanish, and could have a (not very interesting) conversation in a couple of more languages.

Until recently recently, I was living in Amman, Jordan, and working with CODEPINK, a US grassroots anti-war organisation.

I am currently freelancing and am a little bit between São Paulo, Brazil, and Medellín, Colombia.

If you are wondering about my formal education, I received my BA in Political Science and Film studies from Gettysburg College (USA) and my MA degree in Political Science from Central European University (Hungary).

You can see a full list of my academic and work experience on my LinkedIn page.

My other major project is Investigative Selfism, a platform on mindfulness, psychology, personal development, and trauma.

If you have a collaboration project in mind, please do get in touch – I’d be excited to talk to you more about it!

“Be unafraid to be happy. Be unafraid to love. Be unafraid to make a difference.”

Jack Kornfield
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