About Me

I am a political commentator with a very simple passion: people.

Following that passion, I’ve explored the topics of conflict and development, studied languages, worked with organisations in Europe, Southeast Asia, the Middle East, and the Americas, and have made a conscious decision to always keep myself on the path of learning and unlearning.

My areas of expertise include forced migration, Palestine, South American politics, and US foreign policy.

Currently, I am based in Amman, Jordan, and am working with CODEPINK, a grassroots anti-war organisation.

If you are wondering about my formal education, I received my BA in Political Science and Film studies from Gettysburg College (USA) and my MA degree in Political Science from Central European University (Hungary).

You can see a full list of my academic and work experience on my LinkedIn page.

My other major project is Investigative Selfism, a platform on mindfulness, psychology, personal development, and trauma.

“Be unafraid to be happy. Be unafraid to love. Be unafraid to make a difference.”

Jack Kornfield
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