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“Now that I have seen, I am responsible.”

I’ve been writing about Palestine since 2013.

This is the topic on which I’ve focused my Master’s research in political science, where I’ve lived and worked afterward.

It’s also a topic I care deeply about.

There is no objectivity and neutrality when we talk about Palestine. When we talk about different forms of oppression, we have to clearly name what they are and who’s doing it to whom.

As Brazilian educator and thinker Paulo Freire says,

There’s no such thing as neutral educational process.
Education either functions as an instrument to bring about conformity or freedom.

I claim the mainstream narrative doesn’t need reinforcement – it needs questioning.

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What Good Happened in 2022?

To ask what good happened in any year might sound like a controversial question. Yet we have to train ourselves to notice – and to celebrate – the victories for human rights throughout the world. This is what I do in my episode as look at 2022 and identify what good happened in the UK/Palestine,…

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Shireen Abu Akleh: No Justice, Just Impunity

Yet the killing of journalist Shireen Abu Akleh is yet another reminder that Israel operates with complete impunity. As the months are passing, we can see no meaningful external investigation is taking place.

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Beware The Façade of Political Representation

Behind what might appear as political representation and diversity we might find something quite not right. The representation itself can become a façade – so we have to be careful. In my episode, I talk about the new British Prime Minister, Rishi Sunak, the violent immigration policy of Lithuania, and what Israel attempts to remind…

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Gaza: New Killings, Old Narratives

What is there to say after Israel’s most recent bombing of Gaza? No matter how heart-breaking this devastation was, it didn’t reveal anything new about how Israel operates – nor how the world reacts when Palestinians under siege are being killed.

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Privilege: What Makes Us Change? Part 3

In the fourth part of my series on privilege, I take the liberty to tell you about my own privilege journey. How the concept of privilege has changed throughout my life, what directions it took, what different regions have to do with it, and how it explains so much of what you’re hearing in all…

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Impunity: What Happens When The Powerful Investigate Their Own Crimes

It always seems a bit dystopian: the military investigating its own actions⁣⁣. To be more precise, what seems dystopian – or simply completely corrupt – is that same military concluding that “everything’s OK.” Unfortunately, dystopia is what we find in what we like to call liberal democracies.

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The Exploding Head Podcast Goes into its Second Season

Although my articles didn’t stop, my podcast did take a needed break⁣⁣. Now, I’m back for the second season of The Exploded Head. In its intro episode, I review what I’ve talked about already and give you some ideas of what I’ll be covering in the near future.

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What Do We Talk About When We Talk About Palestine?

Podcast mini-series

What Do We Talk About When We Talk About Palestine? Part 8: Erasure

Attacks on Palestinians have intensified during the holy month of Ramadan again – they resemble what we saw last year. And the year before. I’ve written a lot about Palestine but it’s time combine several things that I’ve partly mentioned in my previous episodes and focus this one on something rather obvious: the concept of…

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