Political Turbulence in Jordan: What Framework Can Political Science Provide?

On the day I moved to Jordan, a big thing happened.

The country’s monarchy was apparently threatened.

Not much is known about what happened exactly: the King’s half-brother, Prince Hamzeh, got arrested, yet in a public address King Abdullah II made on Wednesday he said that things are being resolved within the family.

What details we will or will not get depends on the Royal Family now and the state media. The international media has been actively reporting on this, too, and many Heads of states have expressed solidarity with the King.

Yet even without knowing what happened exactly, what we can do is to take Jordan as an example of a potential political change and talk about what forms that change can take.

Political science – David Lane and his article, more specifically! – provides a nice summary of what those forms are.

This is what I talk about in my episode! I also talk about the refugee crisis, mention my episode on a parliamentary coup (!) in Brazil, promote my series on Palestine, and reveal to you that I have, in fact, another podcast.

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