How Free Is Media in Your Country, Really?

Chiang Mai, Thailand, and Amman, Jordan: some of the places I mention in my episode

I start my episode by revealing to you how irresponsibly I would go on motorbike rides when I was living in Thailand.

Why do I do that?

To juxtapose it with a certain strict law Thailand has regarding its media.

Media freedom is the topic of this week’s episode.

But in addition to lèse-majesté (laws prohibiting criticism of the Royal family, and something I cannot pronounce correctly) and other types of censorship structures, we have to talk about something else. Something that is easier to miss.

That is media plurality.

What’s the difference between internal plurality and external plurality?

A quick answer: that difference is huge, and it has to deal with media ownership consolidation levels.

Listen to this episode to learn more about it.


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