What Good Happened in 2022?

Art by Clara Joung

Every year brings its crises, conflicts, and different forms of oppression, with no region being completely safe from anything terrible that can unfold.

But can we notice the good things, too?

This is what I do in my episode – in fact, the third year in a row now.

I think there is tremendous value in expanding our view when it comes to “how the world is doing”. Having a podcast where I mostly talk about what bad happened, to look for victories worth celebrating becomes a refreshing task. It’s also something that can give us hope and spring us into action. We are, after all, capable of affecting change and how that world is doing, from year to year.

So, where was that change affected positively last year?

In my episode, I will go to the UK where a major victory against Elbit Systems, an Israeli arms manufacturer, happened at the beginning of 2022.

Then, we’ll go to Cuba which approved a new Family Code, called one of the most progressive pieces of legislation in the world by some.

Finally, I invite you to Brazil – where I actually happen to be at the moment! – to better understand why the presidential victory of Luis Inácio Lula da Silva brings so much hope to the country, after four years of far-right politics. For a dive into a series of criminal acts that allowed the previous president, Jair Bolsonaro, to get into power, please listen to my older episode here.

If you got curious, where can you go from here?

I have some suggestions:

Learn more about Palestine Action and their #ShutElbitDown campaign here:

Read more about the shutting down of Elbit’s factory in Oldham here. Learn about Elbit’s role in Israel’s violence against the Palestinians here.

To learn more about Cuba’s Family Code, please see an article by Reuters and by Peoples Dispatch.

Click here to see the picture of Lula’s inauguration that I refer to in my episode. For in-depth analyses of Brazilian politics, including Lula’s third term in office, follow The Brazilian Report.

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