What Do We Talk About When We Talk About Palestine? Part 7: Impunity

I’ve covered this topic before but it’s time to put it at the very centre of my episode: Israel’s impunity.

Gaza might not be bombed anymore yet so much remains. The blockade, the occupation with all of its mechanisms, apartheid, and so many questions.

One of these questions sounds simple but is so important to ask:

Who can hold Israel accountable?

And if the answer is ‘no one’, we have to talk about impunity.

In this episode, I summarise several thematic areas where we find that impunity in Israel and Palestine (the recent bombing of Gaza being just one of them), I point to the lack of accountability in the past, I ask which organisations would have any power here, and remind us why this topic is such a big one.

I’ve added all of my references just below the episode link itself and here are the two embedded videos that I mentioned in it:

As you can see, they both exemplify recent attacks on journalists by the Israeli military.

Give it a listen. Join the debate.

Well, it’s not really a debate when it comes to daily humiliation, military occupation, and war crimes. But you know what I mean.


Added on June 21, 2022:
Here’s an excellent article by Gideon Levy on impunity as an unchanging Israeli state policy.

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