Privilege: Introduction

Privilege: what an uncomfortable topic to explore⁣⁣.

I start Season Two of my podcast by introducing this specific topic precisely because it’s uncomfortable. It has the power to really change the conversation and make people defensive, closed-off, and simply unwilling to further explore what is being uncovered.

I have also invited some guests to my podcast and created a mini-series, just on privilege, for you!

In this introductory episode, I present to you one of the definitions of privilege that I really like and which – as definitions are supposed to do – simplifies this potentially complex concept a bit.

I also identify what we should be conscious of so our sense of privilege doesn’t prevent us from speaking out or taking a different action.

Lastly, I allow myself to go down the path of psychology (which sounds a bit like a crossover with my other project, Investigative Selfism) and talk about what Brené Brown calls ‘comparative suffering‘. In short, it’s terrible for us. Let’s not do that.

I hope you enjoy this episode and the potential reflections it brings about!

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