Noam Chomsky on Russia, Ukraine, China, US, and The State of The World

Nothing happens in a vacuum.

And there aren’t that many people who can deconstruct what’s happening better than Noam Chomsky.

His phenomenal memory is still on fire, as he throws quotes from documents, citing their sources and exact dates from decades ago (!) in this video, as always.

It is an in-depth conversation with Jeremy Scahill, an investigative journalist and a co-founder of The Intercept (someone I openly admire, yes!) that will take us to so many places.

What would it take to negotiate a peace settlement in Ukraine?

What could Vladimir Putin see as a way out of this?

What role is the US currently playing here?

What’s happening with China?

And what’s the state of journalism and the mainstream media as the war in Ukraine is happening?

In my previous post, I said that we don’t need to look to an empire for a moral compass. If anything, I do think that people and organisations that dedicate their lives to investigating and exposing the crimes of empires are much better equipped to provide us with guidance here.

There’s no war-mongering in this video.
No glorifying of any military might.
What it has is a lot of concern for the people of Ukraine and the state of the world in general.

Please watch it and share it with your friends.

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