How Do You Construct Your Own Political Education?

When it comes to your political education, how do you decide what sources to trust?
What are your criteria to choose what you consume and what source to give more importance to?
In my episode, I present my own criteria but, more importantly, encourage you to define your own.

Iran, Ukraine, And Logical Fallacies

Being for a people’s revolution is not the same as calling for a coup (in Iran). And calling for a negotiated settlement hoping it will end a brutal war is not the same as supporting the invader (in Ukraine).
In order to have discussions where we actually aim to understand what the person means, we have to notice logical fallacies. We have to create space for nuance.

Why the Devil Doesn’t Need an Advocate (and How to Get That Brain to Exercise Instead)

If you’ve ever wondered why a discussion that entails someone playing the Devil’s Advocate can be rather frustrating, here’s my take on it. See if it resonates with you.