It’s Time For Your Political Attitude Checkup!

Let’s not forget: the directions (which one goes right and which one goes left) do not have to coincide with the ideological spectrum. Context matters here.
What’s that? Am I a graphic designer, you ask? Well, thank you…

This is my attempt to do a deep dive into concepts like political ideology, economic systems, and, ah, the focus of my rather dense episode, political attitudes. What does it mean to be liberal or conservative according to the framework of political attitudes? Is it always straightforward? (You’ve guessed correctly: no). 

In this episode, I also point to two interesting things about U.S. politics, I reveal where I’m from and why my head has been slowly exploding for months now. “Can’t wait to hear all about it!” I hear you say. 

Let’s do it – check your political attitude before you wreck yourself!

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