Belarus, Chile, and the Never Agains

Mostar, Bosnia and Herzegovina
A historic bridge in Mostar, Bosnia and Herzegovina, symbolising unity and coexistence. It was destroyed during the Bosnian War but restored later on

How many ‘never agains’ will we allow to happen, again?

This is an episode on what is the ultimate Exploding Head concept for me: conflicts.

As its title suggests, this episode is on the concept of Never Again and how we’ve…failed at it. And I don’t even mention the horrible conflicts and humanitarian man-made disasters we have today.

How do we analyse conflicts in the first place? What tools do we have?

This episode is also on the small actions that can prevent other actions – even if it’s one person who decides not to go to a protest I describe in this episode. I think this is definitely where we can start.

It’s a rather serious episode but I also think it’s an important one.

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