Israel’s Outrage by The Palestinian Movie Farha Points to Its Ongoing Hypocrisy – And Oppression

How dehumanised should a group of people be so they’re not even seen as someone who can have a life somewhere?

Following that question: are we allowed to acknowledge that Palestinians didn’t become refugees out of nowhere?

Well, Israeli groups and their supporters don’t seem to think so. Therefore, they seem to be outraged by Farha, a Palestinian movie that depicts the violence by Zionist forces that killed and pushed Palestinians out of their homes when the state of Israel was created.

As I have talked about it in my episode on the concept of erasure, we don’t really see that violence often. That’s why this movie is such a big deal and, in terms of its reach and availability (it’s available on Netflix), even historic.

In my video, I invite you to notice how ironic Israel’s outrage is when that violence is still prevalent in Palestinian lives to this day.

Listen to my latest episode on the violence against Palestinian children here:

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