What Good Happened in 2020?

I talk about political changes that took place in Argentina, Bolivia, and Belarus. Why the women in Argentina can breathe more easily, why the indigenous population of Bolivia is hopefully feeling safer, and why what the people in Belarus are engaging should inspire us all.

Why the Devil Doesn’t Need an Advocate (and How to Get That Brain to Exercise Instead)

If you’ve ever wondered why a discussion that entails someone playing the Devil’s Advocate can be rather frustrating, here’s my take on it. See if it resonates with you.

AllShameMatters: on Cracks, Leaps, and Other Types of Movement(s)

Whatever your personal journey of trying to understand someone else’s (collective) reality is, step into it with curiosity, openness to listen, and kindness. Fight the shame, fight the defensiveness. Your defensiveness is not at the centre here: that collective reality is.